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The provision of wide ranging, high quality professional development opportunities for Dorset museum staff and volunteers is provided by the South West Federation of Museums and Art Galleries.

These training sessions are FREE to everyone who works in museums, galleries and National Trust properties across the South West region. The skills programme is made possible through funding from Arts Council England distributed by the South West Museum Development Partnership.

Details of forthcoming training opportunities can be found through the following link:

Booking for any of the training events can be completed on line.

The South West Federation of Museums and Art Galleries is an independent membership based organisation that has supported the region’s museums and art galleries and the people that work in them for the past 80 years. Click on the link to find out more. 

Over 2013/14 the Dorset Museums Association will be planning and delivering a range of skills sharing opportunities targeted to areas of need and demand within the region’s museums.

Currently, sessions on the following topics are planned and skilled experts within these fields, currently working within local museums, will be sharing their wisdom and troubleshooting your specific issues.

  • Effective Marketing
  • Developing Hands –On Interactives
  • Volunteer Recruitment 

Further information on specific sessions will be posted when available.

Please contact the Museums Advisor directly if your museum has a particular skills need and would like tailored support and advice.